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The Fairview Caseyville Township Fire Protection district is seeking bids to replace the LED sign located at our Sation #2 located at 214 Ashland Avenue. All work is to be performed by Union contractors. All bids are to be sealed and returned to 214 Ashland Avenue Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208. Please mark package “LED sign sealed bid” Bids shall be delivered no later than March 7th, 2024, 4:00 P.M. Bids will be opened at the district business meeting March 8th 2024. The Fire district will be responsible for securing all required permits through the City of Fairview Heights.


The Fairview Caseyville Township Fire Protection District reserves the right to reject or accept any or all bids. Please see the Specifications listed below and the attached sketch.


If you have any questions please contact Chief Bryan Doyle at or 618-233-2121.


  1. Sign design and size as per sketch attached to this specification sheet.

  2. Double-sided top ID cabinet to be of mig-welded construction using Signgineer with .125 aluminum skin. Retainers to be extruded aluminum not fabricated in a brake.

  3.  Double sided top cabinet to have premium computer cut graphics applied to 3/16 acrylic as per art approved by customer. The cabinet shall be internally lit with double-sided LED Kestral Sticks spaced 12” on center.

  4.  LED display shall be Daktronic’s double sided GS6-2V-RGB, 15.85 mm, 40 x 150 Matrix, or approved equal 2.7” x 8’1.” Communication to be wireless cellular with lifetime data plan. Software (including I-Paws, a public safety package provided on Venus) OAE training, and 5-year Gold parts warranty, or approved equal software package.

  5.  Top cap and pole cladding to be of mig-welded construction using 3/16” architectural angle with .125 aluminum skin. No seams except in corners, which shall be smooth and flawless.

  6.  All aluminum to be acid washed, primed, and painted with polyurethane in color of customer’s choice.

  7.  All components of sign to be enclosed all around. All components to have internal steel saddles to be welded to existing steel pole on all sides.

  8.  Existing pole and footing will be used. Pole to be painted with white primer. Removal and disposal of existing sign to be included in this sealed bid.

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