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Fire Station Information

firehouse 1.jpg

Engine House One is located at 10045 Bunkum Road.

This station holds 2 pumpers, and 2 support vehicle. This station provides protection to the west end of the fire district.

Completed in May of 2001, this state of the art fire house has a classroom, accommodations for sleeping quarters, dayroom with full kitchen, work out room, fire district office, conference room, and the Deputy Chief’s office.

When Engine House One was built, it was one of only buildings in the area built to a level above the seismic requirements for this area, which should allow this station to still function after an earthquake or other major natural disaster.

Telephone 618-394-8484
Fax 618-394-9327

House 2.jpg

Engine House Two is located at 214 Ashland Ave.

This station holds 2 pumper, 1 ladder truck, 1 rescue squad and provides protection to the east end of the fire district. This station serves as department headquarters and fire district headquarters. Offices located inside this station include the Chief’s and Assistant Chief’s Office.

Telephone 618-233-2121
Fax 618-277-0441

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