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As of December 2007, the City of Fairview Heights is proud to offer its residents, free of charge, the opportunity to sign up to receive important information from the City by telephone.

The system will be used to notify residents about important information, such as missing children or disabled adults in your area, significant crime events in your area, evacuation routes during an emergency, temporary road closures, and other information that may be critical to your needs as a citizen. You can also sign up to receive notifications by text on your cell phone or by emails, too.

Fairview Heights is also the first community in the region to offer, at no charge, weather warnings to be sent to you by telephone. With this system, you will receive a telephone call whenever there is a severe thunderstorm, tornado, or winter storm warning issued for the City. These notices are only sent out if Fairview Heights is determined to be in the path of the storm. And, they are only sent out for weather warnings, not watches.


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