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  RANK MEMBERS Serving Since Deputy Chief Bruce Green 13-Aug-1980 Fire Chief Bryan Doyle 12-Oct-1983 Firefighter Richard Barbachem 13-Jan-1988 Assistant Chief James Huelsman 14-Jul-1993 Lieutenant Paul Costello 10-Jan-2001 Firefighter Gordon Freeland 11-Sep-2002 Firefighter Josh Greenfield 12-Mar-2003 Firefighter David Parker 11-Jan-2006 … Continue reading

Station One

Engine House One is located at 10045 Bunkum Road. This station holds 2 pumpers, and 2 support vehicle. This station provides protection to the west end of the fire district. Completed in May of 2001, this state of the art … Continue reading

Station Two

Engine House Two is located at 214 Ashland Ave. This station holds 2 pumper, 1 ladder truck, 1 rescue squad and provides protection to the east end of the fire district. This station serves as department headquarters and fire district … Continue reading

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